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  • WA St CORVID-19 RESPONSE Bulletin

    Regular updates can be found on DOH’s Public Health Connection blog, or you can subscribe to daily bulletins and other updates from DOH and the state’s Joint Information Center at Camp Murray. https://www.coronavirus.wa.gov/news

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  • New resources provide COVID-19 information to family members…

    DSHS/ALTSA has a COVID-19 Dashboard which is updated biweekly: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/altsa/covid-19-dashboard New resources provide COVID-19 information to family members of residents within the care of DSHS  OLYMPIA – The Department of Social and Health Services is offering new resources during

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  • Coronavirus and health insurance if you’re working and age…

    As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, did you lose your group health insurance through your job or your spouse’s job and you’re age 65 or older?  If so, you, or someone you know in the same situation, will want to enroll in Medicare coverage right away as you most likely qualify for a Special

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