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  • Washington State COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Guidance

    The state is currently in phase 1a of vaccine distribution. Summary guidance for Phases 1A and 1B (PDF) Updated January 7, 2021This visual timeline (PDF) shows phase 1a and phase 1b and the estimated dates for eachWashington state's interim vaccine allocation and prioritization guidance (PDF) Updated

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  • Virtual Advocacy: Making a Difference in Olympia This Year

    This year, due to the COVID quarantine, the Washington State Legislature’s open public meetings will be held online. That means that everybody—legislators, lobbyists, advocates, and constituents—will meet the same way: via Zoom. Now everyone, regardless of distance and access to transportation,

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  • ‘The best Christmas present.’ Seattle Senior living…

    Vaccinations against Covid-19 continue to rollout in Washington state, with the first residents and staff of senior living communities getting doses this week. In Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood, Parkshore was the first retirement community to begin vaccinations. No one has gotten Covid at Parkshore,

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