Bills signed by Governor:

 HB 1001 – 2017-18 Concerning utility easements on state-owned aquatic lands.

HB 1153 – 2017-18 / SB 5099   Concerning crimes against vulnerable persons.

HB 1266 – 2017-18 Concerning petroleum storage tank systems.

HB 1329 – 2017-18/SB  5341   Modifying monetary penalties imposed for infractions relating to mobile and manufactured home installation


 Bills delivered to Governor:

 HB 1258 – 2017/18 Concerning persons with a disability present at the scene of an accident.

HB 1322 – 2017-18 /SB5360

Reducing training requirements for developmental disability respite providers working three hundred hours or less in any calendar year

HB 1402 – 2017-18

Concerning the rights and obligations associated with incapacitated persons and other vulnerable adults.

HB 1526/SB 5783 – 2017-18

Exempting multipurpose senior citizen centers from property taxation.

HB 1548 – 2017-18 Concerning curricula for persons in long-term care facilities with behavioral health needs.

HB 1772/SB 5118   Increasing the personal needs allowance for persons receiving state-financed care.

SB 5177 – 2017-18 Requiring long-term care workers to be trained to recognize hearing loss.

SB 5691 – 2017-18

Modifying or terminating a guardianship when a less restrictive alternative is available to provide for the needs of an incapacitated person.


Bills Reintroduced April 24

HB 1028 – 2017-18

Reducing air pollution associated with asphalt production in urban areas.

HB 1044 – 2017-18

Concerning the funding of homeownership projects through the housing trust fund.

HB 1047 – 2017-18 

Protecting the public’s health by creating a system for safe and secure collection and disposal of unwanted medications.

HB 1048 – 2017-18

Promoting a sustainable, local renewable energy industry through modifying renewable energy system tax incentives and providing guidance for renewable energy system component recycling.

 HB 1116 – 2017-18 

Implementing family and medical leave insurance.

HB 1139 – 2017-18 /5447

Concerning the methods of services provided by the office of public guardianship.

HB 1232 – 2017-18 / SB5395

Concerning the timing and content of disclosures by continuing care retirement communities.

HB 1264 – 2017-18 

Specifying medical assistance coverage for hearing devices for adults.

HB 1484 – 2017-18 / 5556      

Providing an enhanced retirement benefit for public employees’ and teachers’ retirement system plans

HB 1492 – 2017-18

Equalizing civil monetary penalties for assisted living facilities with other long-term care providers.

HB 1560 – 2017-18

Addressing plan membership default provisions in the public employees’ retirement system, the teachers’ retirement system, and the school employees’ retirement system.

HB 1570 – 2017-18 

Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance.

HB 1633 – 2017-18 /SB5407

Concerning the preservation of housing options for tenants.

HB 1636 – 2017-18

Establishing a program to fund long-term services and supports.

HB 1763 – 2017-18

Modifying the property tax exemption for property used to provide housing for eligible persons with developmental disabilities.

HB 1792 – 2017-18

Establishing a fee for certification for the residential services and supports program to cover investigative costs.

ESHB 2114 – 2017/2018

Protecting consumers from charges for out-of-network health services.

SB 5013 – 2017-18

Concerning the disposition of tenant property placed upon the nearest public property.

SB 5178 – 2017-18

Requiring the department of health to develop a hearing loss education program for health care professionals

SB 5181 – 2017-18

Notifying residents of long-term care facilities that they may install and conduct electronic monitoring in their rooms.

SB 5574 – 2017-18 Concerning the maintenance and disclosure of health care declarations

.SB 5577 – 2017-18

Concerning the rights and obligations associated with incapacitated persons and other vulnerable adults.


 BILLS OPPOSED BY THE LOBBY (all have been reintroduced):

HB 1004 – 2017-18

Protecting the constitutionally guaranteed right to the lawful possession of firearms during a state of emergency

HB 1015 – 2017-18

Prohibiting restrictions on the carrying of a concealed pistol by persons with a valid concealed pistol license in certain facilities.

HB 1316 2017-18 Addressing fair dental insurance practices

HB 1383 – 2017-18/SB5060

Concerning the number of adult family homes permitted in residential neighborhoods.

HB 2027 – 2017-18 Concerning the regulation of adult family homes

E2SSB 5239 – 2017-18 Ensuring water is available to support development

SB 5656 – 2017-18 Concerning the goal of ending homelessness

 SB 5569 – 2017-18 Concerning protected classes in housing.



 Implement the 2017 priorities outlined in the December 2016 report of the Joint Legislative Executive Committee (JLEC) on Aging & Disability Issues. Implementation will require thoughtful discussion about the state budget to meet the needs of current and future generations of vulnerable Washingtonians.

Reauthorize the JLEC .

$5.18 million for AAA case managers ($10.4 million with federal match). Necessary to reduce client ration to 75:1 (same as DDD) to assure safety and well-being of clients cared for in home instead of nursing homes.  Almost half of clients have dementia/behavioral health problems as well as severe physical limitations.  Current ratio is 85-90:1, case managers are spread too thin to visit clients at home to assure quality care.

$1.4 million reinvestment of CMS shared savings for HCA Health Homes care coordination rates.  Care coordinators help dual-eligible patients get medical care they need, avoiding health crises and hospitalization.  This program saved $21 million in first year, and CMS is sending $11 million back to Washington State under shared savings agreement (including $3.6 million not yet booked).  We request $1.4 million reinvestment to reach break-even vendor rate.  Without increase, program will not have staff to expand to King and Snohomish counties, and may lose current providers, jeopardizing the increase in future shared savings.  The federal shared savings payment should arrive with the fiscal year.

Increase the funding for the Long Term Care Ombudsman by $350,000, allowing the program to better serve the 72,000 people in long term care facilities.

RSVP is part of National Senior Corps and engages, manages, and recognizes Washington State volunteers age 55+ to address critical community needs.  For 26 years, RSVP has received funding from the Department of Commerce of $612,000 per biennium and that funding has been eliminated from the Governor’s 2017/18 budget proposal.  We request that the funding be maintained.


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