2018 Washington State Senior Lobby bill report

Bills passed that were supported by the Senior Lobby and sent on to the Governor from the 2018 session.

Summary: 56 bills were supported by the Senior Lobby and 20 passed.  Additional items are provisos in the supplemental budget.

 Listed below are some of the significant budget items included in the final budget:

  • Individual Provider Management: The Individual Provider Employment Administrator model shifts administrative support of Individual Providers (IPs) from the state to a private vendor, allowing the department to keep its central focus on client well-being. Beginning July 2020, the vendor would provide Financial Management Services and co-employer functions to clients receiving in-home personal care from an IP. This will centralize management of the IP workforce, including controls of IP overtime, and allow DSHS and Area Agency on Aging case management staff to focus on the clinical aspects of case management including health, safety, and avoiding unnecessary utilization of hospital and institutional stays. ($814,000 GF-S; $1.9M Total Funds; 3.3 FTE)
  • Residential Care Services Quality Assurance Unit: The six FTE Quality Assurance Unit, initially funded through a federal grant, will have ongoing funding to help ensure that RCS meets state performance measures as well as federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services expectations. This supports the department’s efforts to focus on client safety and quality of service. ($339,000 GF-S; $678,000 Total Funds; 3.0 FTE)
  • Assisted Living Investigations: In order to cover the cost of Assisted Living Facility (ALF) oversight by Residential Care Services, the annual license fee for ALFs is increased from $106 per bed to $116. The increased fee revenue will fund five additional investigators in Region 2 (King, Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties) where the ALF client population is growing rapidly.  ($0 GF-S; $741,000 Total Funds; 2.5 FTE)
  • Tribal Kinship Navigator: Funding increase for serving the Yakama Nation, Colville Indian Reservation and other tribal areas. ($245,000 GF-S; 0.3 FTE)
  • Electronic Visit Verification/21st Century Cures Act: It is assumed that the state will not meet the deadline of January 1, 2019 to implement an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for in-home personal care services, as mandated by the Cures Act. Funding is provided to begin development on an information technology solution that will ultimately bring the state into compliance, and funding for the assumed penalty assessed for non-compliance in the form of reduced federal Medicaid matching funds.  ($1.9M GF-S; $2.2M Total Funds)
  • Assisted Living Rate Adjustment: One-time funding gives a rate add-on of $2.26 per day to ALFs with an average Medicaid occupancy of 60 percent or more in state fiscal year 2019.  ($1.0M GF-S; $2.2M Total Funds)
  • Area Agency on Aging Workgroup: A workgroup will convene to propose how to include family caregivers as long-term service and supports under a public long-term care benefit program, with a recommendations due to the Joint Legislative and Executive Committee on Aging and Disability by November 15, 2018. ($50,000 GF-S; $100,000 Total Funds)
  • Long Term Care Insurance Study: One-time funding for a contract to update the 2016 actuarial and feasibility study of long-term care insurance options in Washington, including a public benefit funded through payroll deduction. ($100,000 GF-S; $200,000 Total Funds)
  • Personal Needs Allowance: The Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) is the amount of a Medicaid client’s own income that he or she is allowed to keep to spend on personal items. The PNA for Medicaid clients in residential and institutional settings is increased to $70 per month as of January 1, 2019. The PNA will also increase annually with future adjustments. ($615,000 GF-S; $1.3M Total Funds)
  • Dementia Action Collaborative: The Dementia Action Collaborative (DAC) is a public-private entity that implements recommendations from the state plan to address Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.  Two part-time employees are funded to support the DAC in coordination with the Department of Health and the Health Care Authority. ($40,000 GF-S; $80,000 Total Funds; 0.5 FTE)


Health Care  13 bills supported

ESHB 1047 Protecting the public’s health by creating a system for safe and secure collection and disposal of unwanted medications.  Delivered to Gov  Rep: Peterson, Appleton, Stanford, Robinson, Lytton, Ormsby, Senn, Jinkins, Bergquist, Frame, Gregerson, Doglio, Fey, Tharinger, Ryu, Kilduff, Macri, Hudgins, Farrell, Sawyer, Cody
ESHB 1239 Concerning requests for medical records to support an application for social security benefits. Delivered to Gov  Rep:  Sullivan

HB 2435 Reducing training requirements for certain respite care providers who provide respite to unpaid caregivers and work three hundred hours or less in any calendar year. Delivered to Gov Rep Kilduff, Schmick, Cody, Muri, Kagi, Tharinger, Pollet, and Tarleton

SB 6113 Concerning priority processing for adult family home license applications. Delivered to Gov Sen Bailey, Keiser, Darneille,  Rivers

E2SSB 5179 Requiring coverage for hearing instruments under public employee and medical programs. Delivered to Gov:  Sen Bailey,Keiser, Palumbo,Hasegawa, Conway

Retirement  4 bills supported

SB6340 Providing a benefit increase to certain retirees of the public employees’ retirement system plan 1 and the teachers’ retirement system plan 1. Delivered to Gov. Sen: Conway, Bailey, Hobbs, Walsh, Hasegawa, Hunt, Mullet, Keiser, Palumbo, Saldana


DSHS  9 bills supported

E2SHB 1831  Revising resource limitations for public assistance. Delivered to Gov Rep: Pettigrew , Macri, Santos, Ortiz-Self, Frame, Kagi, Fitzgibbon, Stanford, Ormsby, Pollet

SB 6199  Concerning the individual provider employment administrator program.

Delivered to Gov  Rep: Cody, Macri, Tharinger, Jinkins/ Sen: Cleveland, Conway, Miloscia, Keiser, Fortunato

SHB 2515 Updating the medicaid payment methodology for contracted assisted living, adult residential care, and enhances adult residential care. Delivered to Gov Rep: Tharinger, Schmick, Coddy, Johnson, Jinkins, Harris, Robinson, Wylie, Pollet, Ormsby/ Sen: Van De Wgw, Cleveland, King, Rivers, Palumbo, Conway

EHB 2750  Concerning quality in assisted living facilities Delivered to Gov  Rep: Tharinger, Johnson, Cody, Stonier, Slatter, Robinson, Jinkins, Appleton, Muri, Gregerson

Insurance (Bills presented by the Insurance Commissoner) 6 bills supported

HB 2322 Allowing property insurers to assist their insureds with risk mitigation goods and services. Delivered to Gov Rep: Stanford, Kirby, Vick, Barkis, McDonald, Ryu


Revenue and Finance  8 bills supported

SHB 2597 Extending the existing state property tax exemption for residences of senior citizens and disabled persons to local regular property taxes.  Rep:Sullivan, Wylie, Slatter, Sawyer, Stanford, Pollet, Kloba, Berquist, Ormsby, Kilduff, Macri  Delivered to Gov

SHB 2651 Increasing the personal needs allowance for people in residential and institutional care settings. Delivered to Gov Rep: Stanford, Johnson, Macri, Haler, Tharinger, Goodman, Caldier, Appleton, Harris, Jinkins, Barkis, Dolan, Senn, Gregerson, Wylie, Tarleton, McBride, Doglio, Eslick, Pollet, Slatter, Fey, Santos  

ESB 6018  Concerning security freeze fees charged by consumer reporting agencies.   Sen: Mullet, Carlyle,Palumbo, Frockt, Rolfes, Hunt, Fain, Keiser, Van De Wege, Hasegawa, Nelson, Pedersen, Kuderer    Signed into  Public Law C54 L18


Rights  8 bills supported

EHB 1322  Reducing training requirements for developmental disability respite providers working three hundred hours or less in a calendar year. Signed into  Public Law C267 L17  Rep: Kilduff, Harris, Kagi, Senn, Cody, Short, Mcdonald, Caldier, Dent, Tharinger, Dye, Robinson, Lovick, Appleton, Goodman, Fey, Hudgins, Sawyer, Muuri, Jinkins, McBride, Doglio

E2SHB 1889  Creating an office of the correcctions ombuds.   Delivered to Gov Rep: Pettigrew, Appleton, Peterrson, Stanford, Pollet

HB 2661 Protecting survivors of domestic assault from employment discrimination. Delivered to Gov  Rep: Doglio, appleton, Orwall, Gregerson, Frame, Sells, Jinkins, Wylie, Macri, Tarleton, Hudgins, McBride, Pollet, Goodman, Santos, Stanford


Housing  8 bills supported

E2SHB 1570 Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance.  Delivered to Gov Rep: Macris, Robinson, McBride, Kagi, Sawyer, Tharinger, Doglio, Pollet, Ortiz-Self, Chapman, Cody, Jinkins, Berqqquist, Hudgins, Peterson, Senn, Stonier, Riccelli, Fame, Gregerson, Dolan, Tarleton, Ormsby, Ryu, Fey Fitzgibbon, Goodman, Slatter, Pettigrew, Kloba, Orwall, Appleton, Clibborn, Farrell, Stanford

SHB 2448 Increasing the availability of housing for developmentally disabled persons. Delivered to Gov Rep: Senn, Tharinger, Chapman, Kilduff, Macri,  Robinson, Appleton, Kloba,Pollet, Santos, Tarleton

E2SHB 2578 Preserving and expanding rental housing options for persons whose source of income is derived from or includes sources other than employment Delivered to Gov  Rep: Ricelli, Kirby, Macri, Peterson, Appleton, McBride, Frame, Doglio, Stanford, Goodman, Senn, Gregerson, Wylie, Sawyer, Kloba, Santos, Ormsby, Robinson, Berquist



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