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Gov Inslee signs bill guaranteeing paid family leave in Washington
family leave

OLYMPIA — Washington state is now among a handful of states that guarantee paid family leave, after Gov. Jay Inslee’s signing Wednesday of a bipartisan plan approved by the Legislature. The measure offers eligible workers 12 weeks paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child or for the serious medical condition of the worker or the worker’s family member beginning in 2020, or 16 weeks for a combination of both. An additional two weeks

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Legislative update: Inslee signs historic budget that fully funds education & Paid Family Leave
Gov. Inslee signs Substitute Senate Bill 5883 -  the 2017-2019 Washington State operating budget, June 30, 2017 in Olympia.

Gov. Jay Inslee signed the two year operating budget Friday night as the fiscal year came to a close. “I am proud to sign a historic budget that fully funds our schools for the first time in more than 30 years,” Inslee said. “This budget, at long last, meets our constitutional obligations to fully fund basic education, and addresses the responsibilities we have under the McCleary decision to equitably fund our schools.” The governor was joined

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How Repeal of the ACA Will Hurt Older Americans

  With a new Congress and administration taking control, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are under threat, and with them, the safety and security of adults over age 50 will be harmed.

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Health Care coverage offered to Grays Harbor and Klickitat Counties
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  Earlier this month when insurers submitted their 2018 coverage plans to the Insurance Commissioner’s office, none offered to cover Klickitat and Grays Harbor counties for individual health care plans. Johnson, R-Yakima, said he’s been working with Rep. Eileen Cody, D-West Seattle, chair of the House Health Care and Wellness Committee, and stateInsurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler to address the potential lack of coverage in Klickitat

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From the Office of Financial Management: ACA

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been life-changing for Washington state and its residents. The ACA’s broad ranging effects have benefited Washington’s residents, health industry and the state on many levels.

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OIC: How the American Health Care Act Affects Washingtonians

The American Health Care Act ( passed the House on May 4. It now includes an amendment that gives states a waiver to both remove the essential health benefits and to let insurers charge sicker people more, if the state creates a high-risk pool.

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Brisk walks may slow dementia
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Caucasian couple exercise walking together

Exercise may bolster the brain function and thinking skills of people with dementia, according to a new report. The study's findings suggest that walking a few times per week might alter the trajectory of the disease and improve the physical well-being of people who develop a common form of age-related memory loss that otherwise has few treatments.

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Hearing Loss is often misunderstood or ignored

  Hearing loss is often misunderstood or ignored, and as a result is often not treated. Yet without hearing assistance, people can experience poor communication and understanding, which can lead to fractured relationships, isolation, an increased risk of illness, and even potential progression to dementia.

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Now's the time to get the most out of your Medicare. The best way to stay healthy is to live a healthy lifestyle. You can live a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease by exercising, eating well, keeping a healthy weight, and not smoking. Medicare can help.

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Variations In Life Expectancy and Mortality Rates by State LD, 2012-2014

This is a recent publication from the Health Care Research Center of WA Office of Financial Management.  (please click above)  This is a lengthy report and will take a minute or so to load.

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Facts From the Census Bureau On Older Americans – March 2017

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Housing is Out of Reach

How Much do you Need to Earn to Afford a Modest Apartment in Your State? Millions of Americans struggle to find affordable rents. In order to afford a modest, two-bedroom apartment in the U.S., renters need to earn a wage of $20.30 per hour. In six states and the District of Columbia they need to earn more than $25 per hour. The Housing Wage for a two-bedroom unit is $13.05 higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, and $4.88 higher than the

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Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL)
sail falls prevention 2

Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) is a strength, balance and fitness program for adults 65 and older. Performing exercises that improve strength, balance and fitness are the single most important activity that adults can do to stay active and reduce their chance of falling. The entire curriculum of activities in the SAIL Program can help improve strength and balance, if done regularly. SAIL is usually offered 2-3 times a week in a one hour

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Bea Rector has accepted the position of Acting Assistant Secretary for ALTSA
bea rector

Bea Rector is the Acting Assistant Secretary for the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA) in Washington state.  ALTSA administers long-term services and supports to low income seniors and individuals with disabilities; a system which is ranked in the AARP Scorecard as 2nd in the nation for its home and community-based service options. Prior to her appointment to Acting Assistant Secretary, Bea worked in the Home and Community Services

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There’s A Lot More To Aging Than A Number

There’s a lot more to aging than a number BY ANNA SCHLECHT As the Baby Boomers rapidly morph into the Elder Boomers, they present some challenging demographics as the first generation of seniors to outnumber their children’s generation. For the first time in history, the number of people over 65 will soon outnumber the people under 5. How will that will that impact our community? This shift is significant by the sheer numbers. Every day, 10,000

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We’re Not Ready For Aging
Jerry Reilly oped

"We’re not ready for the aging" BY JERRY REILLY Whether we like it or not, it’s going to happen to all of us — and few are thinking about it or planning for it. We will all age. And at some point, 70 percent of us will need help with activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing and transportation. As Washington residents, we’re fortunate. We live in a state that’s created an effective and efficient long-term care system. The backbone

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Washington Healthplanfinder Enrollment Exceeds 200,000
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To access the data behind this report, please click below on "Health Coverage Enrollment Report". OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington Health Benefit Exchange today announced that as of this April, more than 204,000 Washington Healthplanfinder customers have enrolled in a 2017 Qualified Health Plan during the most recent open enrollment period – a 23 percent jump over the previous year. This announcement supplements the release of the Exchange’s

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Why an Open Market Won’t Repair American Health Care
health care and politics

  AN AMERICAN SICKNESS How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back A few years back, the future of American health policy appeared to hinge on how similar medical care was to broccoli. It was March 2012, and the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) was before the Supreme Court. Justice Antonin Scalia zeroed in on its controversial requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance. Yes, everybody needs health care,

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State can save with long-term care insurance
walt bowen oped

Thurston County, and the state of Washington as a whole, is getting older. The Baby Boom generation once represented the freedom of youth. But now, as this huge population cohort moves into retirement age, they represent something very different for the state: a fiscal nightmare. Nationally, there are 75 million Baby Boomers, and they began reaching the age of 65 in 2011. Across the country, over the next 20 years 10,000 Boomers a day will reach

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From The Governor: How the AHCA would impact folks in Washington State
Lobbyist Paul Miller is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, March 20, 2009.   (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Governor Inslee and Commissioner Kreidler created several charts demonstrating the Washington-specific impact. And as shown below:  

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