The following list of Bills that are being considered during the 2018 Winter Washington State Legislative Session reflect the priorities designated by the Senior Lobby Member Organizations.  Bills in the House are designated with an HB before the Bill number and those in the Senate have an SB before the Bill number. 


Health Care  11 bills 

HB 1026 Requiring the submission of a waiver to the federal gov to create the WA health security trustRep: Appleton, Tharinger, Robinson, Stanford, Lytton, Ormsby, Jinkins, Wylie, Goodman, Sells, Farrell, Doglio, Riccelli, Fey, Pollet, Fitzgibbon, Dolan, Chapman, Frame

ESHB 1047 Protecting the public’s health by creating a system for safe and secure collection and disposal of unwanted medications.  Passed first cut off  Rep: Peterson, Appleton, Stanford, Robinson, Lytton, Ormsby, Senn, Jinkins, Bergquist, Frame, Gregerson, Doglio, Fey, Tharinger, Ryu, Kilduff, Macri, Hudgins, Farrell, Sawyer, Cody

ESHB 1239 Concerning requests for medical records to support an application for social security benefits.  Passed first cut off  Rep:  Sullivan

ESHB 1359/SB 5231 Concerning notice of charity care availability at  time of billing and collection Rep: Jinkins, Harris, Macri, Kilduff, Riccellie, Cody, Slatter, Appleton, Kloba, Frame, Doglio / Sen: Keiser, Kuderer, Conway Hasegawa, Saldana

2ESHB 2114  Protecting consumers from charges for oout-of-network health services. Passed first Cut OffRep: Cody, Pollet

SHB 2667/SB 6502 Concerning eligibility for  the essential needs and  housing support and  the aged, blind, or disabeled assistance programs. HB Passed first Cut Off  Rep:  Macri, McBride, Ormsby, Stanford, Senn, Stonier, Kloba, Jinkins, Gregerson, Appleton, Ortiz-Self, Wylie, Doglio, Pollet, Slatter,Fey, Goodman, Santos/ Sen: Dhingra, Darneille, Kuderer, Saldana 

SHB 2731 Collection of medical debt  Rep:Jinkins, Macri, Cody, Tharinger, Kilduff, Slatter, Clibborn, Stonier, Valdez, Robinson, Riccelli, Hansen, Orwall, Stanford, Gregerson, Dolio, Frame

ESHB 2836  Delineating charity care and notice requirements without restricting charity carePassed First Cut OffRep: Jinkins, Harris, Cody, Tharinger, Stonier, Slatter, Clibborn, Macri, Riccelli, Robinson, Valdez, Appleton, Johnson

E2SSB 5179 Requiring coverage for hearing instruments under public employee and medical programsPassed first Cut Off Rep: Bailey,Keiser, Palumbo,Hasegawa, Conway

SB 5701 Creating the Washington apple care trust.   Sen: Frockt, Keiser, Chase, Hasegawa, Darneille, Ranker, McCoy, Kuderer, Saldana, Conway, Hunt

SSB 5995/ HB 2556  Protecting cosumers and purchasers from excessive increases in generic prescription drug prices.  Sen: Keiser, Pederson, Rolfes, Van De Wege, Liias,Junt, Conway, Chase, Saldana, Kuderer, Hasegawa/ Rep:  Jinkins, Appleon, Stonier, Robinson, Gregerson, Reeves, Fey, Wylie, Sawyer, Valdez, Tharinger, Macri 

Retirement 4 bills

HB 2323/ SB 6290 Addressing cost-of-living admustments for teachers’ retirement system plan 1 and public employees’ retirement system plan 1 retirees. Rep: Dolan, Apppleton, Muri, Stoneir, Stambaugh, Cody, Fitzgibbon Pellicciotti, Valdez, Haler, Kilduff, McDonald, Chapman, Sells, Blake, Reeves, Macri, Kloba, Jinkins, Ortiz-Self, Condotta, Pollet, Doglio, Young, Stanford, Gregerson/ Sen: Hunt, Chase, Van deWege, Ranker, Kuderer, Hasegawa, Keiser, Palumbo, Saldana

SHB 2511/ SB6340 Providing a benefit increase to certain retirees of the public employees’ retirement system plan 1 and the teachers’ retirement system plan 1. SB passed first cut off Rep: Manweller, Fitzgibbon, Muri, Fey, Hyes, Valdez, Kloba/ Sen: Conway, Bailey, Hobbs, Walsh, Hasegawa, Junt Mullet, Keiser, Palumbo, Saldana

SB 6305/ HB2452 Addressing retiree benefits for participants in the public employees’ retirement system, the teachers’ retirement system, and the public employees’ benefits board. Sen: Hun, Baumgartner, Braun, Palumbo, Hawkins, Keiser, Conway, Hasegawa, Kuderer, Chase/Rep: Dolan, Johnson , Appleton, Haler, Kagi, Slatter, Macri, Stanford, Ryu, Sells, Frame, Fitzgibbon, Yound, Stonier, Kloba, Valdez, Pollet, Holy, Steele, Doglio

DSHS 9 bills

HB 1492 Equalizing civil monetary penalties for assisted living facilities with other lon-term care providers. Rep: Tharinger,Harris, cody, Macri, Appleton

HB 1636 Establishing a program to fund long-term services and supports. Rep: Jinkins , Johnson, Tharinger, Harris, Appleton, Fey

E2SHB 1831 Revising resource limitations for public assistance. Passed first Cut Off Rep: Pettigrew , Macri, Santos, Ortiz-Self, Frame, Kagi, Fitzgibbon, Stanford, Ormsby, Pollet

HB 2343/SB 6111 Defining “willful” in the chapter regarding abuse of vulnerable adults. HB Passed Cut Off Rep: Valdez , Harris, Jinkins, Tharinger Muri, Goodman, Pellicciotti, Reeves, Macri, Appleton, Doglio/ Sen: Wilson, Pedersen, Rivers, Keiser, Conway, Dhingra, Kuderer

HB 2426/SB 6199 Concerning the inddividual provider employment administrator program.

SB Passed first Cut Off Rep: Cody, Macri, Tharinger, Jinkins/ Sen: Cleveland, Conway, Miloscia, Keiser, Fortunato

SHB 2515/SB 6337 Updating the medicaid payment methodology for contracted assisted living, adult residential care, and enhances adult residential care. HB Passed first Cut Off

Rep: Tharinger, Schmick, Coddy, Johnson, Jinkins, Harris, Robinson, Wylie, Pollet, Ormsby/ Sen: Van De Wgw, Cleveland, King, Rivers, Palumbo, Conway

EHB 2750 Concerning quality in assisted living facilities. Passed first Cut Off Rep: Tharinger, Johnson, Cody, Stonier, Slatter, Robinson, Jinkins, Appleton, Muri, Gregerson

SHB 2963 Concerning the consumer directed employer program. Rep: Cody, Macri

Housing 8 bills

ESHB 1514/SB 5520 Requiring a minimum of three year’s notice on closures or conversions of Mobile home parks and manufatured housing communities. Rep: Robinson sps, McBride, Pellicottie, Orwall, Macri, Ormsby, Gregerson, Kloba, Pollet, Apppleton, Bergquist, Tharinger, Clibborn, Farrell, Dolan/Sen: Kuderer, McCoy, Chase, Saldana, Keiser, Hunt, Rolfes, Frockt

E2SHB 1570 Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance. Passed first cut off Rep: Macris, Robinson, McBride, Kagi, Sawyer, Tharinger, Doglio, Pollet, Ortiz-Self, Chapman, Cody, Jinkins, Berqqquist, Hudgins, Peterson, Senn, Stonier, Riccelli, Fame, Gregerson, Dolan, Tarleton, Ormsby, Ryu, Fey Fitzgibbon, Goodman, Slatter, Pettigrew, Kloba, Orwall, Appleton, Clibborn, Farrell, Stanford

SHB 1763 Modifying the property tax exemption for property used to provide housing for eligible persons with developmental Disablities. Passed frist cut off Rep: Robinson, Wylie, Jinkins, Ortiz-Self, Sells, Orcutt, Dolan, Pollet, Wilcox, Springer,Kretz, Kloba, Senn, Tharinger, Kilduff, Santos

SHB 1798/SB 5627 Concerning the sale of manufactured/moile home communities. Rep: McBride, Gregerson, Robinson, Appleton, Ormsby, Macri-McDonald, Orwall, Kagi, Sells, Berquit, Pollet/ Sen: Kuderer, Hunt, Saldana, Keiser

ESHB 1884 /SB 5678 Modifying who is eligible for relocations assistance for tenants of closed or converted Mobile home parks. HB Passed first cut off Rep: Ryu, Barkis, Goodman, Stokesbary, Pollet Sen: Miloscia, Angel, Hobbs, Warnick, Hasegawa

SHB 2448 Increasing the availability of housing for developmentally disabled persons. Passed first cut off Rep: Senn, Tharinger, Chapman, Kilduff, Macri, Robinson, Appleton, Kloba,Pollet, Santos, Tarleton

E2SHB 2578 Preserving and expanding rental housing options for persons whose source of income is derived from or includes sources other than employment. Passed first cut offRep: Ricelli, Kirby, Macri, Peterson, Appleton, McBride, Frame, Doglio, Stanford, Goodman, Senn, Gregerson, Wylie, Sawyer, Kloba, Santos, Ormsby, Robinson, Berquist

E2SSB 5407/HB 1633 Concerning the preservation of housing options for tenants. SB passed first cut off Sen: Frockt, Miloscia, Walsh, Mullet, Billig, Kuderer, Pederesen, Hasegawa, Darneille, Keiser/ Rep: /Riccelli, Kirby, Macri, Frame, Goodman, Kagi, Peterson, Jinkins, Ormsby, Kloba, Senn, Stonier, Stanford, appleton, Robinson,McBride, Doglio, Pollet, Santos

Insurance (Bills presented by the Insurance Commissoner) 6 bills

HB2320 / SSB 6036 Concerning the creation of a work group to study and make recommendations on natural disaster mitigation and siliency activities HB passsed first cut off Rep: Reeves, Stanford, Berquist, Tarleton, Slatter, Shea, Barkis, Senn, Ryu/ Sen: Mullet, Carllyle, Zeiger, Van De Wege, Hunt, Chase, Saldana, Kuderer

HB 2322/SB 6035 Allowing property insurers to assist their insureds with risk mitigation goods and services. HB passed first cut off Rep: Stanford, Kirby, Vick, Barkis, McDonald, Ryu/ Sen: Mullet, Carlyle, Kuderer

SHB 2355/ SB 6062 Addressing the establishment of an individual health insurance market claims-based reinsurance program. Rep: Cody, McBride, Tharinger, Robinson, Ormsby, Appleton, Jinkins /Sen: Cleveland, Frockt, Rolfes, Liias, Keiser, Saldana, Kuderer

Environment 1 Bill

HB2320/ SSB 6036 Concerning the creation of a work group to study and make recommendations on natural disaster mitigation and resiliency activities. HB passed first cut off Rep: Reeves, Stanford, Berquist, Tarleton, Slatter, Shea, Barkis, Senn, Ryu/ Sen: Mullet, Carllyle, Zeiger, Van De Wege, Hunt, Chase, Saldana, Kuderer

Revenue and Finance 8 bills

SHB 2384 Concerning consumer reporting agency security freeze fees. Passed first cut off Rep:Hudgins, Valdez, Macri, Ormsby, Pollet, Appleton

HB 2426/ SB 6199 Concerning the individual provider employment administrator program. SB passed first cut off Rep: Cody, Macri, Tharinger, Jinkins/ Sen:Cleveland, Conway, Miloscia, Keiseer, Fortunato

SHB 2597/ HB 6314 Extending the existing state property tax exemption for residences of senior citizens and disabled persons to local regular property taxes. Rep:Sullivan, Wylie, Slatter, Sawyer, Stanford, Pollet, Kloba, Berquist, Ormsby, Kilduff, Macri/ Sen: Dhingra, Fain, Nelson, Hasegawa, Hunt, Palumbo, Saldana

HB 2608/ SB 6251 Concerning property tax exemptions for service-connected disabled veterans and senior citizens. SB passed first cut off Rep: Reeves, Wylie, Volz, Fey, Appleton, Ortiz-Self, Eslick, Pollet, Steele, Stanford/ Sen: Shingra, Kuderer, Rolfes, Nelson, Palumbo, Wellman, Mullet, Case, Keiser, Saldana, Conway

SHB 2651/SB 6237 Increasing the personal needs allowance for people in residential and institutional care settings. HB passed first cut off Rep: Stanford, Johnson, Macri, Haler, Tharinger, Goodman, Caldier, Appleton, Harris, Jinkins, Barkis, Dolan, Senn, Gregerson, Wylie, Tarleton, McBride, Doglio, Eslick, Pollet, Slatter, Fey, Santos / Sen: Keiser, Bailey, Rolfes, Walsh, Hasegawa, Chase, Darneille, Saldana, Conway, Keiser

ESB 6018 Concerning security freeze fees charged by consumer reporting agencies. Passed first cut off Sen: Mullet, Carlyle,Palumbo, Frockt, Rolfes, Hunt, Fain, Keiser, Van De Wege, Hasegawa, Nelson, Pedersen, Kuderer

Rights 8 bills

HB 1139/SB5447 Concerning the methods of services provided by the Office of public guardianship. Rep: Kilduff, rodne, Jinkins, Muri/ Sen: Conway, Keiser

EHB 1322 /SB 5360 Reducing training requirements for developmenttal disability respite providers working three hundred hours or less in a calendar year. Rep: Kilduff, Harris, Kagi, Senn, Cody, Short, Mcdonald, Caldier, Dent, Tharinger, Dye, Robinson, Lovick, Appleton, Goodman, Fey, Hudgins, Sawyer, Muuri, Jinkins, McBride, Doglio/ Sen: Bailey, Rivers, Cleveland, Darneille, Brown, O’Ban, Conway, Walsh, Rolfes, Zeiger, Hasegawa, Keiser, Wellman, Kuderer, Fain

E2SHB 1889 Creating an office of the correcctions ombuds. Passed first cut off Rep: Pettigrew, Appleton, Peterrson, Stanford, Pollet

2SHB 2262/SB 6015 Concerniing actions for wrongful injury or death. SB passed first cut off Rep: Santos, Goodman, Johnson, McBride, Sawyer, Fitzgibbon, Dolan, Orwall, Macri, Frame,Jinkins, Ormsby, Pellicciotti/ Sen: SHasegawa, Rolfes, Frockt, Pedersen, Hunt, Nelson, Darneille, Miloscia, Chase,Saldana, Kuderer

ESHB 2541 Expanding the classes of persons who may provide informed consent for certain patients who are not competent to consent. Passed first cut off Rep: Kilduff, Rodne, Eslick HB 2661 Protecting survivors of domestic assault from emplyment discrimination. Passed first cut off Rep: Doglio, appleton, Orwall, Gregerson, Frame, Sells, Jinkins, Wylie, Macri, Tarleton, Hudgins, McBride, Pollet, Goodman, Santos, Stanford







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